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  • EVS Fusion Socks

    EVS Fusion Socks

    Anthony in CA

    No more rash on legs/knees

    If you wear knee braces I feel this is a must have. I ride with knee EVS braces but always ended up with some rash due to the straps after a couple hours of riding. I also ride with the EVS padded shorts and on my first 2 rides I put the shorts over the upper leg section of the socks but found the anti-slip silicone caused a rash and blisters, so the solution is socks on top of the shorts. They do not slide down or cause any irritation now so problem solved and I ride with them every time. Time to get some extra pairs, very pleased.

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  • EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    Yancy in NM

    Adjustment screw broke while adjusting

    I went to adjust it for my daughters size and it broke at the adjustment spot. It was the metal screw head that sheered off. I considered just going to the store and getting a different one but it was the principle. Rocky mountain did me right and gave me a refund. I will be ordering another one. I don't think it will affect the integrity of the unit. I would not buy another if I thought the safety would be compromised.

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  • EVS BB04 Impact Kidney Belt

    EVS BB04 Impact Kidney Belt

    Richard in CA

    EVS BB04 Kidney Belt

    I have owned Thor kidney belts in the past. But, I think the extra spine protection in this belt is better. Once on it feels just like any other belt. You don't even notice it. Fit is spot on. If you are a 32" get the large. I bought the medium and there is just enough fabric to close it for my 31" waist. I'm glad I bought the medium because I don't want the extra fabric with the large anyway.

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  • EVS T5 Luchador Helmet

    EVS T5 Luchador Helmet

    christian in CA

    luchador helmet

    great price for the helmet only downside it the visor is pretty small

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  • EVS SX01 Knee Brace

    EVS SX01 Knee Brace

    sean in SC


    I bought these for myself and my kids when our riding style progressed beyond just needing impact protection. They are relatively low cost and work great for our needs. My kids and I both measured at the top of medium and youth, respectively. I opted for the next size which was a good choice because they are meant to fit snug. A sleeve underneath is a must otherwise you'll rub the back of your leg behind your knee raw. That area on our legs was a little sore the first couple of times that we wore the braces, but after they broke in, we don't even notice them when we're riding. They offer good side-to-side stability, hyper-extension prevention as well as the impact protection for the knee cap. You can't adjust the hyper-extension setting, but it's not something I found was necessary. These do slip on which, I think by design, is what keeps them firmly in place (I've had no problems with them slipping or moving). So, the only disadvantage - if you might call it that - is that you have to take your pants off completely in order to get these off. They don't strap on like some other designs - but again... I think that is an advantage.

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  • EVS T7 Crossfade Helmet

    EVS T7 Crossfade Helmet

    Michael in MI

    Nice quality but runs small!

    After checking out a friends T7 I decided to give EVS a try and since the Crossfade model was on clearance it was a no brainer! Based on my other helmets I should be an XL so that's what I ordered but it was pretty tight so I agree with the other reviews that said these run a bit small. I ended up trying an XXL but it was too loose around my cheeks and not much different around my forehead so I'll have to check out HJC and Shoei which are what my street helmets are. Rocky Mountain was great about returns/exchanges!

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