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  • EFX MotoHammer Radial ATV Tire

    EFX MotoHammer Radial ATV Tire

    Dave in Utah

    Significant wear on the FIRST DAY

    Yes you read that right. These tires look decent, which is one reason I bought them. But in less than 6 or 7 miles the wear on the rear tires is measurable. I doubt these will last 500 miles. I bought these because my rzr is street legal and they are 8 ply dot rated with a semi street off road tread. The Bighorns are good tires but clearly not for the street. I got 1500 miles out of the bighorns and mostly street. The motohammers looked like a nice mix of off road and street capability. But the rubber is wearing off like nothing Ive ever seen. Be forewarned if you buy these. I had read they dont last long but I wanted 31s so I took the risk. Now I regret it. I called efx and the guy just didnt seem to care.

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Rear ATV Sand Tire

    EFX Sand Slinger Rear ATV Sand Tire

    Andrew in Washington

    Good, inexpensive paddle.

    Everyone seemed to be saying 7 paddles is the way to go on the wildcat. Bought these (14 paddle) so I had room to modify if needed. They worked good out of the box, but I ended up staggering them to get a little better wheel speed.

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  • EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    Madisyn in Florida


    These tires have been through hell and back and they're still going. Wouldn't choose any other tire!

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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    Chris in Kentucky

    Gotta Run Low Pressure

    Tires where a good all around tire as mentioned. The tires did excel at Windrock and Brimstone but around where I live, not so good. They only will do good in lite mud. These are more of a rock tire so know that going into your purchase. I also couldn't get them to hook up unless I run 7 lbs or less of air. The RZR 1000 would just spin its guts out when I put 10lbs in. They are a good road tire but will get loose if its wet. I put about 400 miles on them (99% trails) and they are down to about 75% tread.

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  • EFX MotoBoss ATV Tire

    EFX MotoBoss ATV Tire

    BRIAN in LA

    best tire ever!!!

    This is the best tires I've ever owned hands down. They clean out very good, ride amazing on hard surfaces , and do great in the mud. I highly recommend it.

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  • EFX MotoClaw ATV Tire

    EFX MotoClaw ATV Tire

    Diesel in Montana

    One of the best tires I've ever used.

    After running several different brands of tires looking for one that would hold up, including sedona rip saw, maxxis bighorns, gbc grim reapers, and others, this tire and the GBC dirt tamer is the only tire that has held up to long term use, almost no dry rot, great traction with a deeper than average lug, high load capacity rating, and great ride. All for a very fair price when compared to what's out there. Would buy another set in a second.

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