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  • KTM Grab Handle

    KTM Grab Handle

    KEVIN in MA

    Good option, a little narrow for a gloved hand

    This might be too tight for guys with ham hands - my medium-sized hands even feel a bit tight with gloves on. Still, a better option than grabbing the back fender next to a hot silencer. Handle tucks in nice against the side panel/number plate and looks good. Gets a bit warm as it shares the same mounting hardware with the silencer but you don't notice it much with a glove on.Certainly better to have it than not if you have the extra $38 bones or so to spare.

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  • KTM 415 MX Racing Chain

    KTM 415 MX Racing Chain

    Keith in WA

    Holds Up Well

    Lots of use and no major chain stretch!

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  • KTM Dog Bowl

    KTM Dog Bowl

    Jeff in TX

    Fun to have

    The dog chewed it a little. That orange color is enticing I guess.

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  • KTM Coffee Mug

    KTM Coffee Mug

    Jeremy in CA

    Nice Mug

    I bought the orange mug, as well as the black one. Happy with both.

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  • KTM Mader Mesh Flex Fit Hat

    KTM Mader Mesh Flex Fit Hat

    Eric in NY

    L/XL fits tight

    The fit is smaller than it should be. It sits high on my head and is a bit snug. I wear a 7 5/8" normally. Once I got a hair cut it fit slightly better but still too small.

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  • KTM Belt Bag Comp

    KTM Belt Bag Comp

    Tim in CO

    Slides down

    I thought I'd give a belt bag a try but after wearing it on a handful of rides, it now sits on a shelf. The straps kept sliding loose and the bag would slide down. I felt like I was constantly hitching it back up and retightening the belt straps.

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