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  • Acerbis Side Panels

    Acerbis Side Panels

    Robert in NJ


    People said that it would not fit but it fit perfectly for my bike, Would absolutely buy again!

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  • Acerbis Rear Fender

    Acerbis Rear Fender

    TONY in WY

    good repro fender

    This is a good reproduction fender. I would recommend.

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  • Acerbis Foot Peg Covers

    Acerbis Foot Peg Covers

    Austin in OH

    Great product for a great price!

    This is not a necessary product. However, if you are looking to keep (dirt, mud, grass, sand & more) out of your foot peg pins and springs, I have not found a better product. Construction is durable, installation is simple, fit and finish is great. Coverage is excellent, while they will deflect most of the debris thrown at them, they may get moisture in them when washing your bike. They are so simple to remove/install this is not an issue. I would recommend removing them occasionally, cleaning the pins and coating them with WD-40. I have a KTM with an orange frame, I purchased the orange covers. I was worried about the color match, but was pleasantly surprised when the match was very close.

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank

    Acerbis Fuel Tank

    RICK in CA

    nice fit

    just what I wanted.

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  • Acerbis Front Number Plate

    Acerbis Front Number Plate

    anthony in PA

    made in italy

    Awesome bella

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  • Acerbis Uniko Handguards

    Acerbis Uniko Handguards

    Nicholas in NY

    they work great

    These handguards are cheap and get the job done

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