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  • Pro Armor Nerf Bars

    Pro Armor Nerf Bars

    Joseph in MO

    Strong easy to install

    I bought them and I couldn't be happier. Install was way easier than what people make it out to be. They are strong and can support my weight standing on them on just fine.

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  • Pro Armor Frame Armor

    Pro Armor Frame Armor

    Joseph in MO

    tough easy and reliable

    Easy install adds great protection and thick enough not to worry. I like the pro armors cause there slots where water can drain and i have pro armor nerfs and fits great with them.

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  • Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    Pro Armor Suicide Doors

    Tyler in WV

    Look great

    Easy to install fit perfect

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  • Pro Armor Fabric Roof

    Pro Armor Fabric Roof

    Scott in IN

    Good Product

    I like this roof, it's easy to put on and take off. To clean I just run it thru the washer. The only suggestion I could make would be to add the strips of rubber on all mounting points so it will stay put. This should eliminate the flapping that sometimes occurs at speed. I would by another one if I needed to.

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  • Pro Armor Pro Race Grab Bar

    Pro Armor Pro Race Grab Bar

    Timothy in KY

    Great product, Great brand

    I bought the Pro Armour rear grab bar for my YFZ 450 and it has taken a beating. It is strong and very durable.

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  • Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    Pro Armor Swing Arm Armor

    RYDER in ID


    My buddy and I both bought this skid plate for our YFZ450Rs and I bent mine into my rotor on the first ride. Shortly after my buddy's also bent just as easily. Not just the sides, the whole thing bent. I've seen scoops of ice cream stand up to more abuse. Four big thumbs down to PRO ARMOR on this product. Needless to say I won't be purchasing any more of their products. Also like some of the other reviews have stated, it does have a significant loss in ground clearance. I feel more comfortable with the stock, plastic skid plate, and that is no lie! Hope this makes a statement!

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