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  • Sidi Crossfire SRS SR-MX Enduro Replacement Soles

    Sidi Crossfire SRS SR-MX Enduro Replacement Soles

    CARL in AZ

    May seperate from boot

    I tried these soles for the first time and had some issues with the front ends separating from the boot. I think the issue is that since they are thicker and taller they may snag on more things and are prone to being pulled apart from the boot. Its a good sole and much more durable than the standard SRS sole. I would recommend it, but you might try and some shoe glue, especially on the front half of your boot when you install them.

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  • Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

    Zach in IN

    like angels blowing on your feet

    Drug my feet for a year before finally deciding to purchase these boots. They are in my top 3 best ever dirt bike purchases. These boots are built to last. More comfortable and flexible than any other boot I have ever work. I did not notice the tight toe box that many people do. These boots fit great.

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  • Sidi Mugello Socks

    Sidi Mugello Socks

    JESSE in OR

    Best Socks!

    Good design, thin in the right areas and padded where they need to be. Very comfortable and also use these for my ski socks. - Do a great job in keeping my feet dry/wicking and so far no foot odor. Have a few pair of them.

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  • Sidi Crossfire TA Boots

    Sidi Crossfire TA Boots

    Charles in CA

    Great investment

    These fit perfect, were comfortable from the first day, easy to put on and adjust. Not bad at all to walk in as well. A great boot that's worth every penny !

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  • Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Sole Screws

    Sidi 2006-Current Force/Crossfire SRS Replacement Sole Screws

    Rick in AZ

    Buy American sidi has a poor warranty

    Had these boots for 3 years yes that sounds like a long time but I don't ride a ton. My issue is that the flex system grommet tore through the plastic holder on the boot. Now the upper shin guard flaps in the wind. As proud of their product as they are they should be proud to back it up. Won't by SIDI ever again

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  • Sidi Replacement Metal Toe Guard

    Sidi Replacement Metal Toe Guard

    Kyle in OR

    Good Fit, but Hardware Didn't Match Original

    The metal toe guards were a good fit and were exact replacements, but the screw heads were beveled like the type that are meant to countersink into wood and not a rounded head like the original ones were. Needless to say, you can't counter sink these screws into the metal toe guard so the heads stick up a bit and look funny. I also assume that they will catch on something after a while and come out sooner than the original style did.

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