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  • Tusk Bearing Remover

    Tusk Bearing Remover

    Jessica in WY

    Works Great

    The dealership in town wanted an arm and a leg to do the Wheel Bearings on my 12,000 mile, 1999 KLR 650, I figured for that price, I could order the specialty tools, top of the line double sealed bearings, water proof grease, and still have $200 - $400 to spend on whatever else I wanted... so I laughed my way out of the Kawi dealership and quickly ordered some wheel bearings and this Tusk Bearing Remover Kit. It only took me 30 minutes from the time I grabbed the jack and started working to do the 3 rear wheel bearings... I even had time to clean and repack the new bearings in that time too. Front wheel took even less time, I was done in under 20 minutes of work.

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  • Tusk Master Link Clip Pliers

    Tusk Master Link Clip Pliers

    Charles in CO

    works good

    no problems

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  • Tusk Lithium Battery

    Tusk Lithium Battery

    JUSTIN in NV

    Good fitment

    Ive bought other more expensive lithium batteries that required adding foam all around it for a tight fitment. This battery fit perfect without adding anything

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  • Tusk Brake Pad - Carbon

    Tusk Brake Pad - Carbon

    Raymond in WY

    Good value

    Used on a friends old XR250 that he wanted running at minimum cost. These did the job and improved braking over the worn out pads that were on the bike.

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  • Tusk Clutch Lever

    Tusk Clutch Lever

    Raymond in WY

    Decent value

    Used on a friends 1988 XR250 he wanted running at minimum cost. This clutch lever did the job, I hope they do not break after the first crash.

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  • Tusk Snap Ring Pliers

    Tusk Snap Ring Pliers

    Jessica in WY

    They work...

    But they sometimes don't grab as well as more expensive brands. Also I somehow bent the silver tipped ones on my first pair I received... and I was only working on a 1999 Kawasaki KLR 650 rear brake master cylinder with fairly small snap rings. I used a few Tusk branded items before and always had a great experience with their items, but not so much on these Snap Ring Pliers... If I didn't misplace my expensive pair I wouldn't have needed them, but for the little $ on these it was worth a shot. First set the silver tips bent, Rocky Mountain promptly shipped another set. The black tips worked "OK" in the first set... but no where as good as my other pair that costs me 4x the price o.O

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