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  • Hot Rods Water Pump Repair Kit

    Hot Rods Water Pump Repair Kit

    Dan in WY

    Second kit had more instructions and assembly tool

    First kit had very little instructions, installed it and it started leaking within 2 hours. Second kit had full set of instructions and a plastic spacer for setting the mechanical seal, this one lasted 14 hours. All other seals and bearing in kit work and fit perfectly, will try an OEM mechanical seal next.

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  • Hot Rods Counter Balancer Bearing Kit

    Hot Rods Counter Balancer Bearing Kit

    Josh in WV

    Good fit

    Good price and perfect fit.

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  • Hot Rods Complete Crankshaft Assembly

    Hot Rods Complete Crankshaft Assembly

    mike in UT

    Nice Quailty

    I have now used two of the cranks. one a CfR150R and CR500AF. Both cranks have had excellent quality. Both have run great. I am really impressed by the way they run.

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  • Hot Rods Bottom End Kit

    Hot Rods Bottom End Kit

    DANIEL in OR

    great kit, priced right

    I installed this in a blown 2001 yz250f. the 03 and up spec crank is a great upgrade for the weak 01-02 bottom ends. Bigger crank pin is far more durable. (you will need an 03 up flywheel and flywheel nut if you plan on dropping in an 01-02). This kit is great. measured runout was less than .001" and factory allows for up to .002". not bad for a mass produced crank from Taiwan. What's the difference between Taiwanese products and some made in China, Quality Control. Taiwan has good QC; China not so much. the components of this kit all are of high quality. rod stamped made in U.S.A., vertex gaskets, Taiwanese main bearings, and KSF (I think? cant remember) oil seals. the only beef I have with this kit is that the O-rings for the oiling sytem passage ways seemed thinner than OEM so I re-used the OEM ones as I thought they would seal better. had I known that before I would have ordered new OEM O-rings when I ordered this kit. (there's your notice would-be buyer) Overall a very high quality kit with no issues. So far, I have over ten hours on this kit and expect to get lots more. Hot rods kits are all high quality priced right! they are the only kits I will buy from now on.

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  • Hot Rods Crankshaft Main Bearing and Seal Kit

    Hot Rods Crankshaft Main Bearing and Seal Kit

    BILLY in NV


    i do 10 hours of riding in a weekend, Engine was fresh and this thing shattered putting metal all through my rebuilt engine. Used this bearing to save 20$, now I am going to be another 10 hours fixing this right instead of just using quality bearings the first time. Please learn from my mistakes and don't buy hot rods products, almost everything I have purchased from them has prematurely broken, this has been my last straw and I will never purchase hot rods products again.

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