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  • Cobra Stainless T-Bolt Clamps

    Cobra Stainless T-Bolt Clamps

    Danny in ID

    Buy It!!

    Perfect fit and quality!!!!

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  • Cobra Boulevard Slashcut Slip-On Motorcycle Exhaust

    Cobra Boulevard Slashcut Slip-On Motorcycle Exhaust

    Tyson in UT

    Awesome sounding pipes

    These are great, sounds just as good as any harley. I paired mine with the conra jet kit and the combo has made a noticible difference in power on my vstar.

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  • Cobra Swept Front Motorcycle Floorboard Kit

    Cobra Swept Front Motorcycle Floorboard Kit

    Aaron in ID

    Perfect fit, look great!

    I would buy them all over again. Excellent.

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  • Cobra Freeway Bars - Standard

    Cobra Freeway Bars - Standard

    Stephen in VA

    Great accessory

    Install was pretty easy and they look great on the bike. Definitely recommend. Only recommendation, buy washers to use as spacers for clearance if needed.

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  • Cobra Jet Kit

    Cobra Jet Kit

    Tyson in UT


    I bought this jet kit after installing the cobra boulevard exhaust. All i was looking for was to stop the exhaust backfire when I let off the gas. Being in utah the stock jetting is lean and putting on the pipes makes it worse. I had Steadmans in Tooele install the kit because i wasnt too excited to drill out the mixture plug. It cost me 2 hours labor but worth every cent. No more backfire, no more using the choke on summer mornings, im getting 42 mpg, and up against my buddys roadstar 1700 he can no longer kick my butt in a drag. The 1100 out performs his 1700 not by much but enough that he cant pass or keep up. This is a pretty cheap mod that will certainly boost your performance!

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  • Cobra Dragsters Motorcycle Exhaust

    Cobra Dragsters Motorcycle Exhaust

    Mohamed in -


    I love my bike after I installed this exhaust

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