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  • Scorpion EXO-R410 Airline Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-R410 Airline Motorcycle Helmet

    WAYNE in CA

    Great Helmet!

    I have been wearing Scorpion helmets for years but this one is by far my favorite one! Very light and comfortable. I would recommend Scorpion helmets to anybody who is considering a new helmet.

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  • Scorpion Klaw II Motorcycle Gloves

    Scorpion Klaw II Motorcycle Gloves

    Marcus in FL

    Great Gloves

    I ride in FL so there isn't really a need for warm weather gloves. These gloves provide great protection in a fall (granted I was wearing a jacket with CE armor as well). I have laid my bike down twice while wearing these gloves. Both times no damage or abrasions to my hands. I would highly recommend these gloves. They did finally get a hole in the palm after the second lay down. Still wearing them.

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  • Scorpion Commander II Motorcycle Jacket

    Scorpion Commander II Motorcycle Jacket

    Berzerker in Florida

    Cannot use insulate liner without rain liner

    Beware.. there is no way to zip in the insulated liner without the "waterproof" liner first.. in other words you CANNOT just use the insulated liner zipped in the jacket itself... HUGE let down

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  • Scorpion NFS Motorcycle Jacket

    Scorpion NFS Motorcycle Jacket

    Lou in New Jersey

    Exceptional bargain

    I just received this jacket which I purchased as a closeout. It is much nicer than I expected for the price and has useable features designed in to the jacket. Although the reviews suggested that you buy one size larger, XL is a great fit for me, with or without the liner. It is the perfect weight to slot between my heavy cold weather jacket and my mesh one. The only negative is that as delivered it smell like a new tire but a quick machine wash cured that issue.

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  • Scorpion Cool Hand II Motorcycle Gloves

    Scorpion Cool Hand II Motorcycle Gloves

    Jimmy in Georgia

    Excellent pair of Gloves

    I have wanted these gloves for a while, but kept looking locally. As we all know, gloves can be hit or miss in sizing. I finally gave in and ordered them. Pardon the pun, but they fit like a glove. Very comfortable, and amazing air flow. Great feel, and flexibility! I would definitely recommend them to others in the market for a warm weather glove!

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  • Scorpion EXO-700 Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    Scorpion EXO-700 Predator Motorcycle Helmet

    James in NV

    Great Helemt For Price - Good Venting - Faceshield

    My only complaint is it pushes on your cheeks pretty good, my jaw was sore after an hour right... Maybe I am just fat! Other than that great venting options in the front, top and rear. Some noise but get over it! Earbuds will fit nicely.

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