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  • GBC Dirt Commander Tire

    GBC Dirt Commander Tire

    Bernie in SK

    Excellent All Around Dirt/Mud Tire

    As their name implies I found these tires to be excellent on the mud and dirt trails of Saskatchewan. After about 300 miles they showed very little wear. Then I put another 1000 miles on them in the AZ desert and that pretty much ate up the rear tires. I really like these tires and I think they perform very well in the terrain they were meant for. If you're looking for desert use these are not the tires.

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  • GBC Kanati Mongrel 10-Ply Radial Tire

    GBC Kanati Mongrel 10-Ply Radial Tire

    Gary in MN

    Great trail tire. I stick to high ground and iron o...

    So far so good. Put them on and have 100 miles or so in over the week. Noticeably better handling at higher speeds then my stock Carlisle’ AT 489. Lots of rocks and hard pack trails where I ride so needed something that would hold up. Didn’t have the high speed rabble like some guys have mentioned. Handles great! A little spendy but worth the money. I shouldn’t have waited so long

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