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GBC UTV Tires and Wheels: Rocky Terrain UTV Tires

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  • GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial ATV Tire

    GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial ATV Tire

    Frank in AZ

    Not impressed

    I thought these would be good tires. Purchased 4 tires last summer. Already need to replace one due to sidewall failure. Found a small split in the sidewall and a soft spot inside. No sign of trauma to the tire. The tire was flat in the garage 2 days after my last ride. They also run small. The 27" is not any taller than the 25" tires that came on the machine.

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  • GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tire

    GBC Dirt Commander ATV Tire

    Mike in Idaho

    No cons yet

    I would actually give these tires a 4.5 star rating and that is just because I haven't had that much time on these yet. They came stock on the RZR and so far I have been very happy with them. Haven't noticed the road noise others have listed. Traction on dirt is great but they are a little stiff for conforming to snow/rocks like a BH original would. However, they don't roll over the sidewall the way a BH does on a UTV. Probably a little better traction than BHs but will ride a little rougher due to the sidewall stiffness (you don't get the balloon effect like you do from a BH). No reason to not recommend them so far.

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