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  • Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Stephen in UT

    Keep your calipers handy

    I just did my first valve lash adjustment on my WR and was surprised when I pulled out the shims that nearly all of them measured thicker than their stated size IE 192 measured to 195. When I bought these shims I kind of expected there would be variances between the stated size and actual size, I was correct. It really wasn't an issue but I just needed to measure each one individually and make sure it would keep the valve lash in spec. Measure five times and install once.

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  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 3)

    Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 3)

    Byran in ND

    Not bad

    I installed this on an 07 yamaha raptor 700r.. I read a lot of people saying they experience a low end loss, they lie like a rug. As a diesel tech I kinda went against the instructions on the assembly lube and used permatex ultra slick and broke it in under load after it was at operating temp. Changed oil, set the valves again and have been running it for some time now and the only complaint I have is there is some extra valve noise which is expected and only wish I would have done this sooner. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

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  • Hot Cams Cam Chain

    Hot Cams Cam Chain

    Curtis in VA

    Hot Cams

    They do their job. Just wish they came in smaller increments other than 0.5. It would be good to have them in 0.25 thickness changes.

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  • Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 1)

    Hot Cams Camshaft (Stage 1)

    Joseph in TX

    Not equipped for stock decompression device

    Had to return for credit. Cam was not equipped to use with stock decompression device

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