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  • IMS Fuel Tank

    IMS Fuel Tank

    John in TX

    Its a Beast!

    She's big and cuddly and might just get you out of a jam in the tough stuff. Capacity of 4 gallons is awesome, however looks like fork rebuild and respring is in order. No problems with the installaion, pretty quick and now I am the supertanker in the group. Highly recommended if you are going long distances without fuelstops and don't like carrying it in gatorade bottles. Baja approved!

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  • IMS Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    IMS Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Michael in TN

    Perfect fot for yamaha wr250r

    The extra gallon of fuel capacity gives the yamaha around a 200 mile range. The stock tank only held 2 gallons so the reserve light would come on around 100 miles. I really like that the tank lets the bike keeps the stock look. Very easy install and reserve light functions as did with stock tank. This is one of the items that is worth the money.

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  • IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever

    IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever

    Greg in CO

    Nice, comfortable shifter for a big boot!

    I'm a big dude, and I have big feet. The OEM shifter was too short, especially after changing out my foot pegs. The IMS Flightline folding shifter cured that problem in a hurry! Tis a far better thing. I can actually get my boot under the shifter now!

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  • IMS Replacement Vented Gas Cap

    IMS Replacement Vented Gas Cap

    Derek in AB


    Fits great . Looks better than the old style.

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