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  • Maier One-Piece Roof

    Maier One-Piece Roof

    Doug in AZ

    Nice plastic roof

    Needs modification if you have installed a windshield or spare tire rack. Easy to modify because it is easy to cut since it is made of plastic.

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  • Maier Front Fender

    Maier Front Fender

    Joshua in NC

    Rocky Mountain best place to buy plastics

    Maier being the only plastics you can get for the LTR450 is definitely quality product.

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  • Maier Intake Cover

    Maier Intake Cover

    James in NJ

    Painless install

    As good as factory, nice fit and easy install. I really like the finish. Maier really has this down solid.

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  • Maier Two-Piece Roof

    Maier Two-Piece Roof

    dan in AB

    2 Piece Roof

    When I put the roof together I added a weather strip on it before screwing it together. the clamps I got with the kit would not work, they were too small , I had to purchase bigger ones to fit around the roll cage bars, I managed to use the screws it came with but was still not that easy to put on, the packaging dept must of screwed up. once it was on is does look good and the price is decent.

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  • Maier Rear Fender

    Maier Rear Fender

    Robert in MI

    OEM Platic Upgrade

    Plastic composition is much stronger than the OEM. Part fitment was perfect and all hardware was supplied to bolt the pieces on instead of using the push pins.

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  • Maier Scooped Hood

    Maier Scooped Hood

    ROBERT in CA


    Changed the front look of yxz! Added some cooling as well luv it!

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