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  • Maier Hood, Stock Style

    Maier Hood, Stock Style

    Tim in MO

    Great look and fit

    Needed to replace the hood on my quad and got this instead of the OEM hood to save a few bucks. Looks factory and fits great. This hood does not pop rivet in like the stock hood however. It is held down with stainless steel screws and rubber threaded grommets. It takes a little maneuvering to get the screws to start but once you get the threads started it is way more secure than the stock hood. It is also a little bit more of a pain to take the hood off though too. But all in all a great product.

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  • Maier Rear Fender

    Maier Rear Fender

    brogan in MO

    cheap made

    2006 Honda 400ex.--The fender itself is strong and is a BRIGHT red lol (fighting red.) With that being said, it kind of looks like a slightly used rear fender that they got as a return and just painted it over and sent it to me! (100% opinion) Mine just came in the mail and it had a few deep cuts in the plastic. The only reason i am not going to send it back is because my wheeler is just a trail quad and its going to look like that within a month anyway, but if you are making a garage queen you will be sending this back asap. lol You will probably never notice the issue i am having, but when i pay 200 plus for some plastic, (which Rocky Mountain was the same as any other site, just high in general) I expect to receive some perfect plastic!

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  • Maier ATV Handguards

    Maier ATV Handguards

    Robert in ID

    Perfect fit and looks OEM

    These handguards look like they came from the Suzuki assembly line. The color match is perfect and the fit is spot on. They do an excellent job of protecting your hands from both cold wind and brush. You will not go wrong with these, if you buy a set. Make sure you read the directions before you start installation, as it makes the job go quicker and correct the first time.

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  • Maier Front Fender

    Maier Front Fender

    DAVID in PA


    Good quality

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  • Maier Radiator Scoops

    Maier Radiator Scoops

    Zachary in IL

    Honda 350x Tank Shrouds

    These look great! Love them. Only downside is that you have to drill holes in them to put them on.

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