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  • Pro Circuit Linkage Arm

    Pro Circuit Linkage Arm

    stuart in MD

    Build & quality are great, results, not so much, wa...

    Don’t believe the magazine reviews on the 2018 RM-Z450 this is not needed for a balanced suspension ! once installed it makes the forks very harsh & no adjustment can fix, A revalve of the entire suspension is required to remedy. Setting your sag @ 110mm is all that’s needed if you don’t intend on having your suspension reworked

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  • Pro Circuit Seal/O-Ring Grease

    Pro Circuit Seal/O-Ring Grease

    Eugenio Andrea in CO

    Same as Ohlins red grease.

    Replaced oil seals and dust scraper on my Ohlins FGRT 801 fork, you will need this to avoid seals damage. The grease will keep seals lubricated to avoid the rubber getting dry. It's a little pricey but will last for a long time, i do fork rebuilding once every year and i put just a little amount, the excess will be scraped so do not exaggerate.

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  • Pro Circuit Linkage System

    Pro Circuit Linkage System

    Teppo in Uusimaa

    Best product update for 2016 model KTM

    Best product update for 2016 model KTM. This will make your rear shock work much better coming in braking bumps and coming out from corner holes. It will ease rear suspension kicking. It will lower rear end also little. After one season seals and bearings are still like new. Be aware that bearings are open type, so you will loose pins if you dont watch them during installing after cleaning.

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