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  • Race Tech Ultra Slick Seal Grease

    Race Tech Ultra Slick Seal Grease

    DAVE in CA

    A must have for fork seal replacement

    been using this line of product for years. The formula of the seal grease has changed, and still performs just as well or better.

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  • Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Wes in ID

    Very Impressed

    So, here is the truth about this kit from a purchaser who actually installed the product and used it. I have installed this kit in the forks of two KTM's. One 4CS & one older open chamber fork. While being honest, Yes, this kit is definitely for the mechanically inclined DIY type person. With some patient reaserch you can gather and understand all the information you need to successfully execute this install. That being said, Race Tech has a very good combination of components & valving with this kit. I'm a B class enduro rider and the forks I have installed this in have worked better than any fork set up by any mail order tuner. Thats the only option we have around here. This kit is a great value for what you get. Once you install it and actually ride it.

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  • Race Tech Fork Springs

    Race Tech Fork Springs

    Luis in GA

    Excellent product.

    Great upgrade for the cost. I am new to riding dirt and was going through a beginner/intermediate trail and bottomed the front end out so much is was ridiculous. This kit helped fight that and for the price it is simply unbeatable. I've not had it too long so i cannot account for durability but I have had positive experiences with Racetech and their quality. I have experience working on motorcycles so it took me less than 20 minutes to install this kit and get the bike back out on the road. Worth your money!

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  • Race Tech Shock Seal Head Setting Tool

    Race Tech Shock Seal Head Setting Tool

    Paul in AZ

    Great tool to get the job done!

    If you're looking at this product, then you've probably already watched Rocky Mtn's shop video for replacing your fork seals. If you've already watched the video, you're probably trying to decide whether or not it's worth the hassle and investment to get the tools and do the work yourself. Rest-assured, this product is worth the money. I needed to replace some VERY old forks seals on a 2000 YZ125, so I watched the video, made a list of the tools and parts I needed to work on my open-chamber forks, and then tried to figure out how to possibly save a few bucks by only buying the essentials and finding less-expensive alternatives for the rest. Buying the tools and doing the work would be far less expensive than taking it to a local moto shop, so I quickly decided to tackle the task myself. I considered PVC pipe instead of the head setting tool. Then I considered metal pipe. Then I considered how much time it would take to cut, grind, sand, and fashion these alternatives work. Considering I have four bikes that I rotate through, I'll have to spend time maintaining my suspension on each bike. Ultimately I decided to get the proper tools for the job. I'm very glad with my decision. The tool worked as promised. It's robust, fitment was accurate, and worked like a charm. I highly recommend it, even if you only use it once and then pack it away in some dusty storage bin in the back of your garage for the next decade.

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  • Race Tech Shock Spring

    Race Tech Shock Spring

    John in CA

    Finally the right feel for the bike

    I bought the bike used and it had a spring for someone who was 50 lbs lighter than me. The bike handled okay, but I could tell I was taxing the rear suspension. This went on easily, fit well, and really made the bike handle better for me. I think my only gripe is, and I'm really splitting the smallest of hairs here, I wish there was a color choice. If there is one, I didn't notice it. That's not enough to make me knock off any stars though. It's still a great spring.

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  • Race Tech Fork Seals

    Race Tech Fork Seals

    Matt in OR

    Big upgrade from stock

    Outstanding replacement for stock seals. Easy to install and great performance.

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