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  • Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Race Tech Type 3 Gold Valve Combo Kit

    Tyler in OR

    A solid review for you KTM WP 4CS owners.

    Here’s a long review of my experience. I bought this kit for my WP 4cs forks on my 2016 KTM 350 XC-F and discovered a few problems with this kit once I started the work. I tore everything apart to discover that 1. Not all shims in the kit for my needs (according to their online “DVS” digital valving system) we’re included 2. You will be converting these forks to open chamber, not mentioned in the description. 3. In doing so, if you want adjustable compression (of course you do?) you will need to order adjustable compression bases from race tech ($150 for the set) this will put compression adjustment at the bottom of both fork legs and your original compression adjustment on the left leg will actually be rebound adjustment. 4. Shim kit comes in two packages and it’s up to you to sort all the sizes (pretty time consuming!). 5.(this wasn’t a problem, but I feel it should be mentioned) You will need several special tools if not already owned, so consider that with your cost. Feeler gauges, a decent quality metric caliper, 1/4” drive INCH LB Torque wrench that will go as low as 20IN LB, a pick set, fork oil level adjustment tool, along with all the specialty tools needed to disassemble the forks. You will also need to be fairly mechanically inclined and pay very close attention to all details in the instructions or risk potential damage to fork internals. Due to these difficulties and added expenses for additional compression bases, I found that it’s not saving me any money and most importantly, my time. So I decided to return the kit. A local WP suspension guru is now re-valving and replacing fork springs for $270, the same price as the kit.

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  • Race Tech Shock Spring

    Race Tech Shock Spring

    John in CA

    Finally the right feel for the bike

    I bought the bike used and it had a spring for someone who was 50 lbs lighter than me. The bike handled okay, but I could tell I was taxing the rear suspension. This went on easily, fit well, and really made the bike handle better for me. I think my only gripe is, and I'm really splitting the smallest of hairs here, I wish there was a color choice. If there is one, I didn't notice it. That's not enough to make me knock off any stars though. It's still a great spring.

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  • Race Tech Fork Seals

    Race Tech Fork Seals

    Matt in OR

    Big upgrade from stock

    Outstanding replacement for stock seals. Easy to install and great performance.

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  • Race Tech Rear Shock Seal

    Race Tech Rear Shock Seal

    Matt in OR

    Great seal

    Huge upgrade from stock seal. Easy to install and outstanding performance.

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  • Race Tech KTM Bladder Cap Kit

    Race Tech KTM Bladder Cap Kit

    Aaron in MT

    Pays for itself

    I've had mine for 2 seasons now and its definitely worth it in the feel of the bike, plush seems the perfect description. But maintanance is where it pays it's self off. No more spanner wrench no more dealer recharge fees. Any body with nitrogen ,a schrader chuck and a pressure gauge can recharge this bladder

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  • Race Tech Rear Shock Bottom-Out Bumper

    Race Tech Rear Shock Bottom-Out Bumper

    Ryan in OH

    Good part

    The OEM bumper literally crumbled to pieces. Shock rebuild time! Picked up this replacement and couldn't be happier

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