Ratio Rite Motorcycle Accessories

Ratio Rite Motorcycle Accessories: Oil and Chemicals

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  • Ratio Rite Measuring Cup

    Ratio Rite Measuring Cup

    John in OH

    Mix’n Gas, and.........Haul’n.......

    Take the guessing out of mixing. It’s confusing enough trying to understand mix ratios; and getting enough information out of suppliers, manufacturers, etc. to settle on a correct ratio. As I understand it though, use the oil manufacturers suggested ratio when mixing, not the bike manufacturer as the ratio provided by the bike manufacturer is given to them by the company who promotes their oil products; i.e. Husqvarna/KTM- Motorex, Yamaha- Yamalube. Anyway, this oil ratio cup, takes the guessing and the holding the pre mix jug up to the light to try and see those ounce marks. Happy mixing friends!

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  • Ratio Rite Measuring Cup Replacement Lid

    Ratio Rite Measuring Cup Replacement Lid

    Michael in WV

    keeps dirt out

    Great product for the price works good and holds up well. I would buy again.

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