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  • Renthal Front Sprocket

    Renthal Front Sprocket

    Richard in ID

    Very high quality bike part.

    A very great product. Its fit in my 2015 ktm 450 sxf factory edition perfect.

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  • Renthal Rear Sprocket

    Renthal Rear Sprocket

    DEREK in IL

    Rental sprocket

    Sprocket fit good and looks good . I have purchased renthal in the past and have never had any major issues with them. they see to wear pretty slowly.

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  • Renthal Chain Lube

    Renthal Chain Lube

    JESSE in NM

    Clean chain lube

    Easy to apply, doesn't overspray all over everything. Slightly expensive for such a little bottle, but since half the bottle doesn't get wasted oversprayed all over the swingarm, wheel, etc. , its actually a pretty good value.

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  • Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Renthal TwinRing Rear Sprocket

    Aaron in MD

    Excellent quality sprocket

    Excellent quality sprocket. Fitment is perfect - went on without any issues. The idea of a lighter sprocket, with the durability of steel teeth is what sold me on the product. On first impression I like it, will provide additional feed back after a couple rides.

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  • Renthal 420 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 420 R-1 Works Chain

    Marc in FL

    name says it all

    you can't go wrong with renthal chain, they last, they look good and they don't let you down

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  • Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Shawn in AB

    Only chain I use!!!

    I’ve been buying these chains forever. They are light and last a good amount of time. And the gold is a nice Touch!

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