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  • Ricochet A-Arm Guards

    Ricochet A-Arm Guards

    Mike in WI

    Good quality, decent fit. Overall happy

    Seems like decent overall quality. Haven’t tried other guards so it’s hard to compare to other brands. Seems that the mounting process may differ from other brands but nonetheless it will work. The access holes for the shock bolts don’t line up great but I feel if I get to the point I’m removing the shocks I’ll probably have the skid plates off anyway, but I feel if you’re going to go through the work to drill a hole for it that it should line up. Overall I’m pretty happy with the product, and I would buy it again as well as recommend it to someone else.

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  • Ricochet Universal 2-Stroke Aluminum Pipe Guard

    Ricochet Universal 2-Stroke Aluminum Pipe Guard

    Jason in WY

    Not flashy, but most effective.

    I have tried carbon fiber pipe guards and they have too much flex and will still dent a pipe through t. I have been using this pipe protector on all my bikes since 2013 and have no regrets. They take more time to put on since you shape it into the pipe, but it’s not hard. The only places I Damage pipes anymore is places that the guard doesn’t cover(high up up on a pipe where no guards cover, because it’s rare for anything to hit that area). The guard dispersed the hit really well.

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  • Ricochet Swing Arm Guard

    Ricochet Swing Arm Guard

    Zachary in IL

    Ricochet swing arm guard

    Great value. Heavy duty aluminum contours around chain and rear brake nicely. Perfect fit.

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  • Ricochet Full Chassis Skid Plate

    Ricochet Full Chassis Skid Plate

    Tom in PA

    Much better than plastic

    You definitely should have these if you ride anywhere off the farm . Never a worry about going over rocks and logs at any speed...a couple extra dollars they are worth it...

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  • Ricochet Bullet Swing Arm Guard

    Ricochet Bullet Swing Arm Guard

    Richard in IL

    Great swingarm skidplate

    My Raptor came with a plastic swingarm skid plate and although it s plastic, I thought it would last a while. First time out it cracked. You absolutely need a durable swingarm skid plate and this Ricochet on is great. Well made, simple to install, fits good, and comes with all needed hardware. I would recommend this for sure. Here is a video link that shows it. https://youtu.be/KBdyHHEouxo

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  • Ricochet Universal 4-Stroke Stainless Steel Pipe Guard

    Ricochet Universal 4-Stroke Stainless Steel Pipe Guard

    Yarden in AZ

    4 Stroke Pipe Guard

    I bought this for my 17 ktm250sxf to protect the front of the pipe from rocks./roost and it fit great. I molded it to my pipe to make it fit tight, the only issue was the claps it came with were to small so I had to buy some bigger ones. But other then that its an awesome inexpensive protection item.

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