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  • Sidi Discovery Rain Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Discovery Rain Motorcycle Boots

    Arthur in WA

    new boot

    Have not put to much use, so review is from examination of the boots. They are stiff but the fit is good, with reasonable flex for shifting and brake. Almost to pretty to put to the mud and abuse they will see. The sale price was to good to pass up for a top rated boot, Thanks RMATV.

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  • Sidi Faenza Socks

    Sidi Faenza Socks

    LOUIS in UT

    Great warm weather socks

    Good socks although a little pricey, good venting for warm weather. A little large but no biggie. Only complaint is they like to stick to the hook side of the Velcro on my boots.

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  • Sidi Roarr Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Roarr Motorcycle Boots

    Larry in TX

    Sidi Roarr

    I bought this boot as an everyday street riding boot with a possible track day or two a year. The fit is great and I love the adjustable calf feature. I used to ride bicycles a lot so my calves are pretty big. The "stretch" part on top of the ankle is genius and makes zipping the boots easy. The vent is easy to operate with gloves on, and the boot is comfortable to wear and walk in even with the external bracing. The styling is conservative enough then when I wear them with riding jeans they don't stick out, just look like a nice leather boot, albeit with a toe slider. The only gripe I have is the sole tends to slide on the pegs if you are riding in the rain. When they get wet I end up with the pegs at the front of the heel in the arch. Nothing terrible, I just prefer riding on the balls of my feet. Those that ride with the arches on the pegs won't have this problem.

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  • Sidi Deep Rain Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Deep Rain Motorcycle Boots

    Michael in WA

    Great Boot

    Decent protection for mild off-roading. Waterproof for water crossings or bad weather. Adjustable in the calf and buckles for a custom fit. These boots do get very hot as they aren't Goretex. But for the price, they are a great deal.

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  • Sidi Doha Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Doha Motorcycle Boots

    Dean in CA

    Extremely durable

    I finally broke down and replaced my Sidi Doha Boots. I bought my last pair about 13 years ago and I commute to work on my bike, so I have a lot of miles on these boots. A couple of areas wore out before I broke down like the inner lining has seen better days and the velcro strap across the laces isn't as strong as when new, but zero separation of the sole, no stitching coming undone. They are still solid and in one piece, and safe to use. I absolutely got my money's worth out of these things.

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  • Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Motorcycle Boots

    Sidi Canyon Gore Tex Motorcycle Boots

    Marty in MT

    All day comfort with GoreTex dryness.

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