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  • Spy Woot Goggle

    Spy Woot Goggle

    Kim in MI

    Good google for the price

    Being a girl, I find most goggles are way too big for my face and don't fit into my helmet properly. The Woot goggles fit my smaller face and fit into my helmet perfectly. Only goggles I wear.

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  • Spy Breakaway Goggle

    Spy Breakaway Goggle

    Jarek in MS

    They're good

    I like them. They're my back up set now. Like my 100% better. Nice budget goggles though.

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  • Spy Omen Goggle Tear-Offs

    Spy Omen Goggle Tear-Offs

    Ryan in CA


    They work well. Fitment is excellent. A must have for muddy conditions.

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  • Spy Foundation Goggle

    Spy Foundation Goggle

    Leland in NY

    Just what I wanted

    I’ve tried many goggles and these are by far my favorite goggles I’ve used. The field of view in these goggles are huge. I’ve had no problems with these goggles as of right now and don’t expect too. These are a must have.

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  • Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Replacement Lens

    Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Replacement Lens

    Thomas in CA

    SMK / Pink Spectra

    I like the way this lens brightens up the shadows without being to bright like the yellow lens I have in my other goggle. Have not had any durability issues.

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  • Spy Klutch Goggle

    Spy Klutch Goggle

    Brent in CA

    Nice goggles

    Nice goggles,nice fit. Has the nose gaurd, carrying bag, and extra clear lens.

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