Tusk UTV Tires and Wheels

Tusk UTV Tires and Wheels: UTV Tire Tools and Accessories

Tusk UTV Tires and Wheels: UTV Wheel Accessories

Tusk UTV Tires and Wheels: Tire Tools & Accessories

Tusk UTV Tires and Wheels: Tire Tools & Accessories

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  • Tusk UTV Scissor Jack Kit

    Tusk UTV Scissor Jack Kit

    Chadwick in CO

    Would be helpful if it came with 2 Velcro straps not just 1. Otherwise very happy. Need to develope a plate that attaches to the bottom of the jack for changing tires in the sand!

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  • Tusk Tire Spoon

    Tusk Tire Spoon

    JAMES in OH

    Changing tires is a pain. It's a little less painful with a good set of spoons. Easy on the hands and good grip.

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  • Tusk Warthog Radial Tire

    Tusk Warthog Radial Tire

    Michael in NJ

    Excellent Tire!

    I raced this tire on my RZR 900 in an NEXXC Race in West Virginia. It handled very well and it beat a set of Kanati Mongrels, and ITP Terracross's off the starting line. The grip/traction is incredible for the price! Throughout the race, it was abused in rocks, roots, mud pits, and a lot of extreme terrain. Thanks Rocky Mountain!

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  • Tusk TriloBite Tire

    Tusk TriloBite Tire

    Dan in WI

    Excellent ATV Tire

    Had them on now for 2 years ice fishing in Wisconsin and riding in the woods through snow and mud. When I need new tires, I will without a doubt, buy these again.

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  • Tusk 2-Ton Scissor Jack

    Tusk 2-Ton Scissor Jack

    Paul in NV

    Good working jack.

    Works like it should for a scissors jack. I have to put a block of wood under or on top to get the right height to lift wheels off the ground. Over sized wheels. Also the foot plate should be wider as the jack seems to be a little unstable when under load and extended all the way up and positioned directly in the middle lifting both wheels in the air. One wheel at a time is no problem. Good jack, good price and small.

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  • Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

    Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

    Josh in WA

    Looks great!

    32x14 on a stock xp4 1k. Made a huge difference in ride height. Can’t wait to get it out! No rubbing so far

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