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Latest Tusk Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Clutch Kit

    Tusk Clutch Kit

    Randy in CA

    Surprisingly not bad

    Decent replacement plates for the inexpensive price. Did not notice any performance gains but did notice it fade at around 20 hours so just replaced with the same tusk kit. For seasonal riders and the occasional desert rider id say these would last a bit longer too.

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  • Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets

    Tusk Replacement Fender Rivets

    NATHAN in MO

    Pry Rivets

    Very well made and great quality material too. I actually like these better than the OEM Honda pry rivets. These are easier to get loose and also seem to hold better too.

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  • Tusk UTV Hinged Windshield +2-inch

    Tusk UTV Hinged Windshield +2-inch

    Steve in CO

    Not so impressed

    I had a Tusk windshield on a 50" RZR and it was great. However, the one I just put on my new Teryx leaves a lot to be desired. The radiused cutout doesn't really fit well ; quite a gap in the middle that the rubber trim doesn't touch. I soved a piece of closed cell foam in the gap for now. The plexiglass is too thin for a 60" wide UTV. It needs to be 50% thicker. It vibrates some at speed. If I can learn to live with the quirks, I'll keep it. Otherwise, I'll try a genuine Kawasaki windshield.

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  • Tusk Adjustable Width Racing Axle

    Tusk Adjustable Width Racing Axle

    Punky in AZ


    If you enjoy working on your bike more than you enjoy riding it then buy this axle. I put the cotter pins in the crown nuts and it still managed to get loose. Upgrading to the Durablue.

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  • Tusk Gas Tank Vent Valve

    Tusk Gas Tank Vent Valve

    Michael in WA

    Lasted about an hour

    I had a hard time putting this on. I had to run the end under hot water for a while to get it to expand enough to fit on the cap. Once on it seemed solid, even a tug didn't loosen it. Less than 45 minutes later I smell gas and look down to see that it is gone.

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  • Tusk Top End Gasket Kit

    Tusk Top End Gasket Kit

    BRYAN in WI


    Tusk is the clear choice when you are looking for value, with the same performance as any Big Brand name Manufacturer.

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