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  • Tusk Course Marker Black Arrow and Danger X Sign

    Tusk Course Marker Black Arrow and Danger X Sign

    Brian in AL

    Great temporary signs but not made to last.

    Bought the orange ones. Sturdy cardboard construction but was looking for something to mark trails on riding club. Signs faded out and began falling from trees within a week. TECH NOTE: These are event markers. They are not for extended use.

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  • Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter

    Justin in Utah

    cool little battery pack! Jumps my truck!

    I got this mostly to keep with me to charge my phone on riding trips. It charges my S3 a few times when completely dead. Just for fun I unhooked the battery from my chevy truck (5.3 liter) and tried jumping it with this. I jumped it 6 times pretty easy. It would have kept going but I didn't want to wear out my starter. I am pretty impressed with this. I am guessing it would jump a motorcycle or ATV a bunch of times on one charge. Glad I have it.

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  • Tusk Course Marker Tape

    Tusk Course Marker Tape

    DAVID in AE

    Does What It Is Supposed To

    We have been using this to mark some of the harder to distinguish areas of our trails. This stuff is perfect. It holds up to the elements fairly well, it is bright and easy to see, and it makes marking hard to see areas a snap.

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  • Tusk Hay Bale Cover

    Tusk Hay Bale Cover

    SHAWN in OK

    look good

    they fit good

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