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  • Uni Air Filter

    Uni Air Filter

    Neil in UT

    Make sure to add oil

    Fit just fine. Don't forget to add filter oil.

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  • Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Jacob in IA

    Great Kit

    Great kit at a great price. You've done it again Rocky Mountain ATV.

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  • Uni Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    Uni Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    CHRIS in TX

    Best Filter and Cleaner!

    This cleaner makes my filter look brand new when im done! I usually spray the dirt filter down the the cleaner and let sit for 2 min. After that I soak the filter in warm soapy water and squeeze the filter over and over in the water until clean. I then get fresh clean water and rinse again I usually do this about 2 times with clean water each time. Once clean I squeeze all the excess water out of the filter and hang up to dry. after dry you can hit the filter with some compressed air to get and small dirt particles left behind I then get some cheap rubber disposable gloves and spray a good coating of the oil onto the filter inside and out I then squeeze the filter to make sure I have a good coat of oil after this process install and ride! I have had one of the Uni Filters last over a year of hard Moto! Uni Filter is the only filter I run in my bikes not only do they seal good and work like a dream Uni Filter co. really cares about their customers and have wonderful customer service!

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  • Uni Air Filter - POD Clamp On

    Uni Air Filter - POD Clamp On

    Jason in OR

    Uni filters are great

    I only use uni pod filter for my ATV and motorcycle needs. Uni filters do a better job keeping the dirt out and my engine clean.

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  • Uni Filter Air Box Vents

    Uni Filter Air Box Vents

    Teedjay in QC

    A bite small

    Good product easy to install and cheap, if you really want better air circulation , buy two together because I think 6 holes 1 inch is perhaps not quite enough .

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