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  • Wiseco Racer's Elite Piston Kit

    Wiseco Racer's Elite Piston Kit

    Steve in CA

    Wrist pin was too long for Piston

    I ordered this kit for my sons KX 85, The wrist pin is too long, not allowing room to fit the C clips in on each side.

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  • Wiseco Piston Kit

    Wiseco Piston Kit

    Stephen in GA

    bang, bang!

    the combustion this creates is what powers the motor. This is a great option!

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  • Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    matthew in CA

    Wiseco wrist pin bearing

    Can’t go wrong with the wiseco wrist pin bearing and it’s half the cost of KTM

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  • Wiseco Bottom End Rebuild Kit

    Wiseco Bottom End Rebuild Kit

    DOUG in PA

    Only aftermarket Crank Kit I will use.

    Have used Wiseco Crank kits and Pistons for quite a few years and never had any issues what so ever. And my son is particularly hard on anything with two wheels.

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  • Wiseco Piston Replacement Circlip

    Wiseco Piston Replacement Circlip

    Devin in NV

    good clips

    good clips. no problems here

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  • Wiseco Fuel Controller

    Wiseco Fuel Controller

    Jade in ID

    Do Not Waste Your Money

    Bought this controller for my YFZ450R along with the Lexx Slip-on exhaust. Could not get the adjustment I needed. Ive tried every setting imaginable and even got settings from Wiseco and other manufacturers with similar Dobeck 3 button controllers. No luck. Also if you buy this controller just know that it is not returnable once mounted. Very unfortunate waste of $200. If you have a fuel injected YFZ year 14+ do not buy this controller. Do your research and buy a Vortex.

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