Wiseco Dual Sport Parts

Wiseco Dual Sport Parts: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • Wiseco Piston Kit

    Wiseco Piston Kit

    jeffrey in PA


    Always run these in all our bike never had any issues. We run nationals on a 125 havent had one fail

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  • Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    Wiseco Piston Wristpin Bearing

    marcus in ND

    Upper connecting rod bearing

    This is an excellent product I have never had any issues with any product they make where others I have

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  • Wiseco Fuel Controller

    Wiseco Fuel Controller

    Jade in ID

    Do Not Waste Your Money

    Bought this controller for my YFZ450R along with the Lexx Slip-on exhaust. Could not get the adjustment I needed. Ive tried every setting imaginable and even got settings from Wiseco and other manufacturers with similar Dobeck 3 button controllers. No luck. Also if you buy this controller just know that it is not returnable once mounted. Very unfortunate waste of $200. If you have a fuel injected YFZ year 14+ do not buy this controller. Do your research and buy a Vortex.

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  • Wiseco Racer's Choice Piston Kit

    Wiseco Racer's Choice Piston Kit

    Shawn in AB

    Can’t ever go wrong with wiesco!

    This piston is pure bling. When doing a rebuild it’s nice to have that extra bling and quality from Wiesco.

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  • Wiseco Racer's Elite Piston Kit

    Wiseco Racer's Elite Piston Kit

    Christal in SC

    Piston review

    Piston works great!!! Wish the wrist pin bearing came with the kit, did not know that until we received the kit then had to order the bearing seperatly! Took an additional week to get bike back together Weisco make a good product, piston works great!

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  • Wiseco Piston Replacement Wristpin

    Wiseco Piston Replacement Wristpin

    Anthony in TN

    Good pin

    Went well with my piston on my CR125. helped breathe life into a dead machine

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