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  • Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    Yamaha OE Clutch Kit

    ANDREW in NC

    Can't go wrong with oem

    Good feel , strong , long lasting . But of course they're yamaha

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  • Yamaha GYTR Competition Kit ECU

    Yamaha GYTR Competition Kit ECU

    Matt in CO

    Absolutely Required for WRs!

    If you have a WR and haven't purchased this... you need to. After installing this (and doing some minor mods) my "WR350F" became a WR450F! You don't need the GYTR Power Tuner to install and use this ECU, it comes with a 0 map which is much more powerful than the restricted stock ECU. Installation requires removing the seat and popping the fuel tank up (removal not required). IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my opinion but logically it's the only way to go. There are some "uncorking" mods that need to be done when installing this ECU as it is designed for an open intake and exhaust. INTAKE MOD 1: Remove the foam from the inside of the intake shroud, this can be done without tools or solvents - just take your time and "roll" the adhesive off if necessary (helpful to be in a warm environment (or inside) ). I was able to remove 90% of the foam without breaking it apart or leaving the adhesive behind, just take your time. INTAKE MOD 2: Remove the snorkle from the bottom side of the backfire screen in the air box. This just requires a phillips head screwdriver and some pliers to crush & twist off the plastic "rivets" used to attach the snorkle to the backfire screen. EXHAUST MOD 1: Remove the silencer from the rear of the exhaust. This just requires two allen keys (3mm and 4mm I believe). Once you remove the 6 allens and end cap, remove the 4 allens and pull out the silencer and outer metal gasket. DO NOT remove the spark arrestor, the USFS requires it and you don't want to be the one who starts a forest fire! Once those are done your WR will be able to breathe and this ECU will bring it to life! If you can find someone or have the money I'd highly suggest getting the GYTR Power Tuner as well, it can make a huge difference - changing power delivery and throttle response to your riding style.

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  • Yamaha Spare Tire Mount

    Yamaha Spare Tire Mount

    Martin in UT

    Sturdy part

    Needed to have it, so when I get a spare, it'll mount easily

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  • Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner

    Yamaha GYTR Power Tuner

    Bert in CO

    Must have, bikes should come with this.

    This is a must have for these newer bikes. It is the "screw driver, clip position and jets" from the older bikes. After a few trial and errors I got my bike to feel "right" for me. The stock settings on my bike are strange but a few changes and it was ready to ride.

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  • Yamaha Cargo Bed Box

    Yamaha Cargo Bed Box

    Scotty in KY

    Perfect fit

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  • Yamaha Interior Padding Kit

    Yamaha Interior Padding Kit

    Richard in AZ

    Save your knees for not alot of money

    These will not only save your knees from getting bruised after a good days ride, but will also keep the knee closest to the tunnel from being turned into a slow roasted pig knuckle. One of the first things I installed on a second YXZ I picked up.

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