Lexx ATV Parts: Fuel and Air Intake Systems

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  • Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe

    Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer With Mid-Pipe


    Good Sounds and Throttle Response

    I have rejetted, drilled my lift hole, fmf needle in 2nd clip, opened up airbox, I CAN DO POWER WHEELIES!!!!!!

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  • Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 4-Stroke Silencer Packing

    DANIEL in OR

    priced right. fit and function: right on.

    I repacked the muffler on my 01 yz250f with this. I ended up with about 3-4 extra inches I need to trim off. fit was good just right amount. quality seems good. I think it has toned down the bark some even though I am running the same race tip. I was hopeing for that. I will be buying this again for my next repack. priced right. great item. thanks RM!

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  • Lexx Heat Tile

    Lexx Heat Tile

    DANIEL in OR

    good item great price

    cut this into different shapes to fit on inside of my side panel and it went on real nice. Adheasive was good. clean and prep surface for best results. my side panel isn't melted so i guess its working? good price, great item.

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  • Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Lexx 2-Stroke Silencer Packing

    Owen in WV

    Easy to work with, does not break the bank

    I find this Lexx packing super easy to work with, and gives as good results as much more expensive materials out there.

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  • Lexx MXe Trail Saver Quiet Core

    Lexx MXe Trail Saver Quiet Core

    LOGAN in PA

    need to be quiet

    if you need to be quiet use this.

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  • Lexx XC Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Lexx XC Spark Arrestor End Cap

    Kelly in WA

    PIA to install, but fit good and now legal.

    The installation is a pain in the butt, but not the mfg's fault, the OEM was not designed to be removed. Once installed, looks good, works good, and legal on forestry lands.

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