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  • Polisport Front Fender

    Polisport Front Fender

    JAMES in OH

    As good as OEM

    Perfect fit, great appearance, identical to OEM at half the price. Quality item.

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  • Polisport Rear Fender/Side Panels

    Polisport Rear Fender/Side Panels

    Brandon in WA

    Rear fender

    Fits good, looks good. I had to cut a piece away (small tab) in order to mount it. I like the tabs on the underside for mounting a taillight system.

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  • Polisport Ignition Cover Protection

    Polisport Ignition Cover Protection

    Attila in ON

    Decent engine protection covers. Not bad.

    Decent protection cover. Pretty nice quality and they look great. Could be a little better fit. Because the fit isn’t perfect you have to be careful how you torque them down since pulling on one side vs the other where the bolts go in. On the ignition side depending on what skid plate you have you might have to shave some plastic material off to get it to fit agains the protection cover (which I did just shaved off some of the plastic skid plate and it fit). If figment was better would give better review but still pretty happy.

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  • Polisport Rear Fender

    Polisport Rear Fender

    Edward in AZ

    This product fit like a glove and my bike still looks killer and is buy it again

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  • Polisport Ultimate Mud Remover

    Polisport Ultimate Mud Remover

    lance in PA


    This is a tool that removes mud. Just like our hands and fingers. Does not really help make it easier

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  • Polisport Front Fender Support

    Polisport Front Fender Support

    John in MO


    Nice as a factory one. Could be the exact same for all I know.

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