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  • Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    Polisport Lower Fork Protectors

    Adam in ID

    Fork guards

    Replaced my stock fork guards with these amazing cool guards and everything mounted perfectly! great product

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  • Polisport MMX Headlight

    Polisport MMX Headlight

    David in Illinois

    good light for price better than factory

    put it on a 2012 ktm 200xcw fit grate, had to make a ground wire. still works grate, with a little light out of the back of the light.

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  • Polisport Rear Fender

    Polisport Rear Fender

    Matt in WA

    Great fender

    Much better looking than the stock fender on an XR. I wish it came in red, but white will do. Just add some stickers. Sticker = HP anyway.------ The fender looks good and is sturdy. I have a brake light mounted under the fender since my XR is converted to road use. Gotta keep it legal. The fender had held up great even with the extra weight of the light on it. It doesn't flex/bounce around off road.----- I took a tumble down a 30ft embankment and the fender did break! The mounting bolts on the top got pulled through the fender and the fender cracked. Took the bolts out, push the fender back down and boom back to normal, other than the small cracks you can't tell it broke. Still very sturdy and no need to replace the fender yet. I just need to avoid driving off cliffs.

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  • Polisport Front Fender

    Polisport Front Fender


    Just Average Quality

    It fit but only after I drilled larger holes. The Acerbis fender has a brighter color and shine for the KDX200 and it fits without drilling holes.

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  • Polisport UFX Free Flow Front Fender

    Polisport UFX Free Flow Front Fender

    Dakota in TN

    Front Fender

    I had to do a little extra drilling to make the bolt holes bigger but afterwards it brought my whole bike together.

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  • Polisport Chain Guide

    Polisport Chain Guide

    John in CA

    polisport chain block

    nice fit and no install issues.have used before and long lasting.

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