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  • Cobra Fi2000R Digital Fuel Processor

    Cobra Fi2000R Digital Fuel Processor

    Vincent in AZ


    The ease of installation is astounding. Total performance of this will be unknown to me but the immediate change/s were exactly that, IMMEDIATE. The acceleration response is smooth especially from and idling roll to slight acceleration, no lurching, lunging, jerking and only smooth pickup with solid steady pull and with cheap fuel i'm running right now. This alone to me shows how finely this product can tune/manage fuel/air so anything other as quick acceleration, smoothness and more pull quicker is just obvious and it was. No big mods for me other than exhaust and air intake although this product can adjust/tune to so much more than I could ever want, so I'm happy as can be and never any need for any other product for me. I give this product 5 stars and 6 :-)

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  • Cobra Air Intake Kit

    Cobra Air Intake Kit

    David in Queensland

    Intake is a must

    Make my Yamaha Stryker breathe more and cooler air. Looks awesome compared to the factory intake

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  • Cobra Speedster Slashdown Motorcycle Exhaust

    Cobra Speedster Slashdown Motorcycle Exhaust

    Ken in WA

    Honda Interstate VT1300 Cobra pipes

    Received my exhaust pipes sooner than expected. Got them installed same day and took about 1 1/2 hrs that includes removing the stock pipes. They look great and sound even better

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  • Cobra Universal Exhaust Heat Shield

    Cobra Universal Exhaust Heat Shield

    Donald in CO

    Very Easy

    This was very easy to install and looks great

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  • Cobra PowerPro HP 2 into 1 Motorcycle Exhaust

    Cobra PowerPro HP 2 into 1 Motorcycle Exhaust

    Mark in MI

    2002 Dyna Wide Glide

    Can't go wrong with Cobra!! Sound is awesome and finish is second to none. And of course there is the lifetime warranty. Shipping was fast and customer service from Rocky Mountain is top notch. Thanks.

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  • Cobra Speedster Swept Motorcycle Exhaust

    Cobra Speedster Swept Motorcycle Exhaust

    A in CA

    Cobra Pipes

    I have a 2014 Yamaha Roadstar 1700 Silverado S and these pipes look and perform great. These are beautiful pipes and I like the lifetime warranty Cobra offers.

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