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  • Faction MX Exhaust Valves

    Faction MX Exhaust Valves


    Faction valvles

    At the time they were less expensive than OEM. Now seem to be similar price? I have run OEM, Faction Prox and Ferrera intakes and exhaust valves on mostly Honda 250 and 450. The Faction seem to last as long as all the others.

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  • Faction MX Intake Valve Kit

    Faction MX Intake Valve Kit

    BARY in UT

    Really mellowed out my 450X

    After having valve issues on a recent trip to Baja I came home and promptly purchased and installed this valve kit. It all went together well and the new valves sealed perfectly in the valve seats. Before installing the kit my bike pulled strong well into the rpm range that I wasn't comfortable taking it to. after installing the kit I can't get it to rev anywhere near that range. It does fine below about 7 rpm but above that it sputters. I think the valves may be floating either due to bad springs or the wrong springs, possibly intended for the titanium valves but I don't know and I have not been able to get Faction MX to answer the phone, respond to an e-mail or return a call and I have tried many times. I would definitely not recommend this valve kit.

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  • Faction MX High-Rev Spring Kits

    Faction MX High-Rev Spring Kits

    Gavin in MT

    Great for racing

    before I installed these high rev springs I had to shim my valves after every couple of rides, I have had these in for about 5 months now and rode them hard for the whole weekend non stop and haven't had to adjust the valves at all, Love these springs.

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