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  • Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    Cycra Handguard U-Clamps

    jeromy in NE

    Buy the right model the first time & Cry once

    I suffered a number of headaches & bashed hydrolic clutch and break lines because I was always struggling with adjusting the Cycra guards & the relationship with my levers & master cylinders. All my own fault because I didn't read the drop down menue well until recently & noticed that there was a separate model for my specific bike. 1 1/8" is not the same as 1 1/8" Neken. I bought the Neken specific model finally & all those issues are resolved for me. My controls are angled exactly as I want them with no comprimise.

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  • Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    Cycra Probend Bar Pack

    Richard in VA

    Love these.

    Awesome stuff, used these for years. I attempted to use these with my Fastway bar clamp mount, will NOT work, the bars are too short to reach. Otherwise great hand guards.

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  • Cycra Performance Front Fender With Bracket Adapter

    Cycra Performance Front Fender With Bracket Adapter

    Scott in PA

    Perfect Update

    Updated the looks of my bike. Now I don't feel like the only guy on the trail with a 4 year old bike...

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  • Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars

    Cycra CRM Probend Handguards for Fasst Flexx Bars

    dick in CA

    Finger saving guards

    Works great on fast flex bars easy to instal and a good fit

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  • Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Cycra Enduro Handshields

    Shawn in CA

    The best shields out there

    Wouldn't think of riding trails without hand guards....Cycra makes the best.

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  • Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Cycra CRM Racer Pack 1 1/8" Bars

    Mark in CA

    Good Quality and Easy Mounting

    I bolted these up on a 2000 XR650L with Protaper CRhi bend fat bars and 2" Rox Risers and they fit great! These give good coverage and with the 4 bolt bar clamp I doubt they will move in a crash. After installing these I began to ask myself why I didn't do this before, clutch, brake levers, and brake master cylinders get expensive so this WILL save you money in the long run.

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