Sunstar Dual Sport Parts: Drive

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  • Sunstar Rear Steel Sprocket

    Sunstar Rear Steel Sprocket

    Matt in ME

    Only company to make them

    Sunstar is the only company that makes this item for my ttr and I am very thankful they do. It is a very good quality sprocket.

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  • Sunstar Works Z Rear Sprocket

    Sunstar Works Z Rear Sprocket

    Rocky in New Jersey

    Sunstar Z

    I have 124 hours on this sprocket it is still not worn out, slightly heavier than aluminum. Because the Z sprocket is thinner than conventional sprockets I had some concern about chain wear, that was not a issue at all. Excellent sprocket.

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  • Sunstar Front Sprocket

    Sunstar Front Sprocket

    Bryce in PA

    Very strong sprocket

    I use my dirt bike for mainly hill climbing recreationally I highly recommend it for anybody who hill climbs

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