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  • UMP Superfilter Kit

    UMP Superfilter Kit

    Chris in TX

    Very well engineered fit, quality product.

    This kit was engineered to fit amazingly well. It tucks up under the fender and there is little clearance anywhere but it all fits without and real interferrance. Instructions were spot on, even without any pictures. It is a little louder on the low end as it "barks" a little more from the intake location behind your head, but not anything that is a detractor. This kit is pricey but out of all the options I have seen is the only one that to me fixed the issues with the stock airbox and gave a quality product with a proven Donaldson filter. Performance seems a little better on the seat of the pants dyne. Service is a little more of a pain where you have to remove the fender to service but that is only a few screws so not a big deal now that the air filter will last for a service interval and is cleanable a few times to save on maintenance costs. Rocky Mountain shipped quickly and had the best price. Only small complaint is that the airbox arrived with a little damage with a bent bracket and a small dent. If the kit wasn't some expensive it wouldn't have even given me pause but I decided to straighten the bracket and run it.

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  • UMP Superfilter Kit Replacement Filter

    UMP Superfilter Kit Replacement Filter

    JACK in AZ

    I put 600 hours on this filter and cleaned it and will keep it for a spare !!! It saved my machine from dust here in Arizona desert !!!!

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