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  • UMP Superfilter Kit

    UMP Superfilter Kit

    Mark in WA

    Buy now save your motor

    This is a great product and a must have if you want to keep your motor from blowing up so to dust, it is also a great way to save on overpriced air filters and changing them out every 6months UMP is a great company and make only the best I have a 17 rzr turbo it is a tight fit but fits very well took about 2hours to get it in and pretty basic install. Big thing I noticed was rzr sounds great and runs a little better, witch makes sense you always have a very clean and constant air flow not like when you run a stick filter or a k&n witch work great for a month then get clogged up and stop the air flow. So this is a great product made in AMERICA and the only way to save your motor it should be 1 of your 1st upgrades. Just make sure when you order it is for a turbo or non turbo they look the same but a little different you can tell turbo it has a T at the end of order #.

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  • UMP Superfilter Kit Replacement Filter

    UMP Superfilter Kit Replacement Filter

    JACK in AZ

    I put 600 hours on this filter and cleaned it and will keep it for a spare !!! It saved my machine from dust here in Arizona desert !!!!

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