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Douglas ATV Tires and Wheels: Douglas ATV Tires

Douglas ATV Tires and Wheels: ATV Wheels

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  • Douglas .125 Wheel

    Douglas .125 Wheel

    Cary in IN

    Great wheels! Look sharp

    Very happy with the look of these, rode quad for over a year & didn't have any bent rims. very well made.

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  • Douglas Stealth Wheel

    Douglas Stealth Wheel

    Jim in Nevada

    Great Deal

    Wheels are awesome looking and priced good too!

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  • Douglas Moapa Run-Flat Utility ATV Tire

    Douglas Moapa Run-Flat Utility ATV Tire

    JON in Texas

    Around the Ranch

    Tires worked good on my Utv around the Ranch. I Didn't have to worry about where I was driving.

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  • Douglas A5 Wheel

    Douglas A5 Wheel

    Jeff in WA

    Love the shamrock look!

    Love the Douglas product line-up. Excellent fit and finish!

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  • Douglas .190 Wheel

    Douglas .190 Wheel

    Michael in NY

    Great Rim, Better Clearence, Wider Stance

    I trail ride a Honda TRX400X with guys riding 4x4 quads. I didn't want a big heavy machine, I like my sport quad, but wanted more clearance in the rear. I went with the Douglas .190 Wheel 10X9 3.0 + 6.0 Wider offset, taller rim allows for a 2" taller tire without the side roll if I stayed with the stock rim height. The machine went from 4.1 clearance stock to 6" and that is with an after-market skid plate. I feel the height in the seat, but no handling issues at all. Before this I heard stones hitting my skid plates all day and I would occasionally get hung up in ruts. Since the new rims and Maxxis Razr II ATV Tire 22x11-10 I have no issues. It is also about 1.5 inches wider in the back. The rim seems strong, is easy to clean and looks great. There are fancier rims that may look better, but price and strength won out for me. Rocky Mountain tech support was great in helping me select this rim. Thanks!

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  • Douglas XC V1 ATV Tire

    Douglas XC V1 ATV Tire

    ALEX in KY

    nice tire, similar to maxxis razr

    so far a good reliable tire. the tread design and pattern is very similar to the maxxis razr and handles close to the same. this tire is probably one of the best ive triedwhen it comes to controlling a slide in grass or dirt. straight line traction is pretty good, but not as good as other tires with a more spaced out open tread design. im probably gonna groove the tread blocks and see how it does.

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