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  • Wolfman Overland Duffel Bag

    Wolfman Overland Duffel Bag

    MARK in PA

    The tail bag

    Bag heald up grate for the entire Tat trip, there is a Velcro strip sown a pice of plastic to the one Handel to keep the handles together. The plastic started to rip apart. Otherwise it’s a great bag.

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  • Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

    Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag

    Todd in CO

    Doesn't get any better

    Totally solid. Waterproof. Perfect for ADV riding.

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  • Wolfman Rolie Bag

    Wolfman Rolie Bag

    Brian in NH

    Just what I needed

    I got tired of carrying my tools in my hydration pack, so I bought the Medium bag to go on the back of my bike. This is the perfect size as a tool bag. I can fit everything i need on the back of my bike, saving my back. I also purchased the deluxe seat mount kit so I could mount the bag half on the seat and half on the tail so I didn't have the bag taking up the whole seat. The bag is really good quality and easy to install. Wolfman has instructions and videos on their website on how to install. I would definitely recommend this bag.

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  • Wolfman Optimus Aluminum Bottle

    Wolfman Optimus Aluminum Bottle

    William in UT

    Biggest POS I've Ever Bought!

    I've had 4 guys try to open the bottle and when successful, it takes about 5-10 min. Cap is near impossible to open!

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  • Wolfman Kiowa II Heat Shield

    Wolfman Kiowa II Heat Shield

    Patrick in TX

    Protected my Wolfman Saddlebags

    Not sure if I really needed this or not. But I didn't want to risk damaging my new saddlebags for my 2015 KLR650 with the Lexx MXe exhaust. Worked great on a week long trip and the bags showed no sign of wear or damage.

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