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  • Motorex Racing Fork Oil

    Motorex Racing Fork Oil

    B in CO

    Very nice

    Smells and looks better than bel Ray so it must in fact be better!

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  • Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube

    Dennis in FL

    Sticky mess

    It’s effective if it’s not to dry or sandy, sride Sandy soils and I don’t care for this lu Makes a mess to clean up, and in my opinion not good for the chain, or sprockets it attracts and hold dirt

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  • Motorex Road Strong Chain Lube

    Motorex Road Strong Chain Lube

    german in CA

    Chain lube

    This chain lube is for street bikes Motorex is an excellent brand and this product is no exception Very happy with it

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  • Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    Casey in VT

    OEM replacement, but expensive

    Expensive, but what the OEM specs call for on my KTM, so worth it.

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  • Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 4

    David in UT

    Best High Temperature Brake Fluid Period

    Ok, I ride my rear brake (trail braking) on all my motorcycles and fade and failure is a problem for my KTM road and dirt bikes. This is the solution. It has unusually high boiling point and the steel can keeps moisture out of the fluid until you are ready to use it. For best results use a fresh can and use it all.

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