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  • Motorex Helmet Care

    Motorex Helmet Care

    Michael in WI


    The product does not dispense well from the can. From a cleaning perspective, I think some warm water does just as good a job. The jury is still out on the deodorizing properties of this cleaner. Will probably not buy again due to poor dispensing.

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  • Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Robert in NM

    Your engine will love you!

    Ok yes it’s expensive. I understand. But I am a firm believer that you should run what the factory/manual recommends.

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  • Motorex Moto Protect

    Motorex Moto Protect

    David in MD

    Pricey, but makes the bike look new

    I love this stuff. It's pricey, but it makes the bike look new. Better than that, it protects your bare aluminum on the engine and radiators from oxidizing and looking like crap.

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  • Motorex Racing Gear Oil

    Motorex Racing Gear Oil

    DAN in CO

    New Motorex gear oil

    Looks like good stuff. No way to know but trust them that it isn't engine oil repackaged and higher priced

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  • Motorex Synthetic ATF3 Dexron III

    Motorex Synthetic ATF3 Dexron III

    Tim in WI

    Great brand of oil

    Only product I use in my kids ktm50 (2016 50sx). Ktm calls for it so it’s what I use. Change it every 30 minutes and haven’t had one clutch issue yet

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  • Motorex Quick Cleaner

    Motorex Quick Cleaner

    Jason in LA

    Wax on wax off

    Another great product form motorex spray on wipe off simple as that and leaves a shine

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