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  • Mylers Aluminum Radiator

    Mylers Aluminum Radiator

    Bryan in WA

    Great value! Good figment! Great service!

    Needed a new radiator because my old one had a hole. When I priced out the factory one I looked to Rocky Mountain for an alternative option. The price was considerably lower. Radiator performs as it should and even has extra support bracket on rear of radiator. Only problem with extra bracket is that the fan hits when mounted. With a few alterations, I was able to make it work. Also had problems attaching the small overflow hose but was able to stretch hose and eventually make it work.

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  • Mylers High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Mylers High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Matthew in FL

    No more puking from the bikes

    Works great bought 2 bought for a 2004 kawasaki kx250f and a 2006 suzuki rmz250 and both work flawless

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  • Mylers Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Kit

    Mylers Heavy Duty Hose Clamp Kit

    Danny in ID

    DO NOT BUY THESE!!!!!!!

    These are the worst hose clamps i have ever seen. The small ones are extremely crunchy and you will be lucky if you can get them to tighten up. The larger ones are decent but for the money you are spending they should be a lot better quality.

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  • Mylers Earless High Pressure Radiator Cap

    Mylers Earless High Pressure Radiator Cap

    mark in CA

    Radiator Cap

    This cap is is cool, looks different and that is what i like about it,,also works great.

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  • Mylers Miracle Flush Radiator Cleaner

    Mylers Miracle Flush Radiator Cleaner

    Brian in CA

    hard to tell

    Being a radiator flush, can't really tell if it got rid of deposits or not. I'll assume it did. The reason for the average rating is that it does not mention in the directions that this product will foam up and out of the radiator when it starts to react with the deposits. I would buy it again. But next time I would not make the mess by just putting it in and immediately putting the radiator cap on and let it sit.

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