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  • Enduro Engineering Skidplate Mounted Linkage Guard

    Enduro Engineering Skidplate Mounted Linkage Guard

    Jarek in MA

    it's thick plastic

    This is for gliding over obstacles without getting the linkage hung up. I don't think it's for absorbing impact, as this is just thick flexible plastic. I have it mounted to Enduro Engineering aluminum skid plate. I thought it would be closer to solidity of aluminum, but I guess it works fine like this since EE sells it to be compatible. It is good protection in my opinion and gives me the confidence to go over high rocks and logs. I aligned and drilled smaller holes while plate installed on the bike to be sure there is enough clearance for protruding bolts, and turned out to be enough room to get a ratchet from top to just put in screws with lock nuts, so I didn't use the threaded inserts.

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