Ricor Dual Sport Accessories: Suspension

Ricor Dual Sport Accessories: Suspension

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  • Ricor Fork Intiminators

    Ricor Fork Intiminators

    Daniel in CO

    Great fix for ancient suspension tech

    Aside from doing a full front end swap, the Intiminator is the #1 piece needed to maximize the capability of the KLR forks. Immediately I noticed better response and confidence off-road, with only minor changes to on-road behavior. After adding correctly weighted fork springs I don't think my capabilities can take us anywhere the bike won't be able to handle now. I ride 50/50 slab vs dirt here in central CO, I try to stay to tame fireroad but gnarly washes and ruts are unavoidable in some seasons here. These gnarly moments don't bother me anymore, I just gas it and hope im not about to practice changing a tire tube. Forum wisdom says this product is best with straight rate fork springs, I am very happy with .50kg race tech springs. Overall, smoother ride off-road, slightly rougher on-road. I feel like I get more feedback from bumps and imperfections on slab than before the install. It is worth noting I have not made any of the possible damping adjustments that are possible with this Ricor part, I'm sure there is a better balance for someone doing more on- or off-road riding. Were I to buy another KLR I would purchase this part for the bike again immediately.

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