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  • E Line Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard

    E Line Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard

    Steve in MI

    A little pricey, but it can take a hit!

    I debated purchasing this exhaust guard for about a year, because it's kind of pricey. Running hare scrambles, I have a fair amount of opportunities to ding my expansion pipe. One Pro-Circuit pipe, and a couple dings in my new FMF "Gnarly" pipe later, I figured I'd give it a shot. This guard is HEAVY DUTY! It's not just a decorative piece of thin / flimsy carbon fiber. It's thick, and meant to seriously protect your pipe. With racing season over for now, I've been playing on the ice lately, and had a fairly hard lay-down. Not a scratch on the guard, and no dings in the pipe! Worth the money vs. the cheaper aluminum guards!

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  • E Line Universal 4-Stroke Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard

    E Line Universal 4-Stroke Carbon Fiber Pipe Guard

    Jon in AZ

    Looks great and fits better

    Put on a PowerBomb header and of coarse the bulge is right where a heat shield would go. No problem, got a one size larger clamp and was able to put one mounting clamp on the bulge and one on the pipe. End result a perfect fit that looks like it was made for it. Doesn't stick out where it might grab pants leg or boot. With the PowerBomb and it's bulge the trick is to get the shield snug to the mount while the hose clamps are still loose enough to allow some shifting and twisting to compensate for the step in the pipe....do it right and the shield lines up perfect without the forward edge sticking out at an odd angle.

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