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  • Top Gun Rear Shock Spring

    Top Gun Rear Shock Spring

    Sean in South Australia

    Perfect upgrade - do the forks as well and she feel...

    Just threw this onto the rear end of my 2011 with some 10wt oil and love the feel so far, very happy with it. Hasn't bottomed out on my little test ride that bottomed out the old shock a lot. Stiff as in comparison but feels so much better. Doesn't even feel to harsh on road as well so keeping with that good on road comfort and feel. With the fork spings upgraded as well the bike feels like a dirt bike now taking Rita and even small jumps with ease and almost grace. Make sure you buy the spring compressors saying that, I did the a regret it!

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  • Top Gun Chain Master

    Top Gun Chain Master

    Joseph in FL

    Glad I bought it

    Easy to install and works like a charm. It's nice to have in situations where your maxing out your suspension and hoping your chain doesn't pop off. It's definitely great for heavier riders with a lot of gear and a lot of off roading.

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