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  • Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    David in WA

    Almost 5 stars!

    Super comfortable and does everything it claims to do. I use MOLLE in a lot of other sports so having the ability to add on with MOLLE is a big plus. Two small complaints keep me from giving a 5 star rating. 1 - you cannot switch the bulb for the air bladder from the left shoulder to the right and relocate the drink tube. I like having the drink tube on my clutch hand side not the throttle side. Small adjustment to get used to it on the throttle side though so not a deal breaker. 2 - The shoulder straps do not have any sort of strap management even though the waste belt does? At $180 you would think this was taken care of. I had a couple of small double sided velcro straps that I added to hold them in place otherwise I would have 11 inches of strap fluttering on both sides. They will be shorter in the fall when I start adding a coat for cooler weather.

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  • Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Jeff in MT

    great riding pack

    Love this pack. Small and compact. Enough room for my tools,rain pullover,map, Lost the waist strap after I forgot to snap it and got it caught on a branch. There warranty dept. sent me a new one for nothing. Great customer service.

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  • Geigerrig 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Mark in AZ

    i inch waist strap way to small

    Somebody has not used this on a dirt bike ride because the waist strap cuts into your waist. It is entirely to small. Needs to be a 2inch strap.

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  • Geigerrig Power Bulb Holder

    Geigerrig Power Bulb Holder

    AARON in MD

    Excellent product.

    Keeps the bulb in place at all times with the vest I wear (Odi Mx flight vest) and allows the bladder to be pressurized or dumped at any time.

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