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  • Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig Tactical 700 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Jonathan in ID

    Amazing Backpack

    I love this pack. It is the perfect size for most day trips, it can fit a good amount of tools, snacks, and gopro accessories. Plus the 2 liter pressurized hydration pouch is awesome, probably one of the coolest things in the market right now. The fit is perfect on your back, Ive taken it riding, snowboarding, running, you name it and havent had a single problem. Would recommend to anyone!

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  • Geigerrig Power Bulb Holder

    Geigerrig Power Bulb Holder

    AARON in MD

    Excellent product.

    Keeps the bulb in place at all times with the vest I wear (Odi Mx flight vest) and allows the bladder to be pressurized or dumped at any time.

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  • Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig Tactical 1600 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    DONALD in KY

    Excellent hydration pack

    This product is amazing. Perfect amount of storage for a day trip on the trail. Pressurized hydration system is top notch. The ability to wash the hydration bladder in the top rack of your washing machine is a huge plus as well. The price is a little steep but I truly believe that it is well worth it. Before receiving this pack, I feared that it would be too large but the size is just right. I purchased this pack in black. Highly recommended!

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  • Geigerrig Replacement Pressurized Hydration Engine

    Geigerrig Replacement Pressurized Hydration Engine

    Larry in TX


    These pressurized bladders are the way to go! Even if you don't spring for a Geigerrig pack, I highly recommend getting one of their bladders. They even sell a "bulb holster" if you need one. Or you can use a sweat band.

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  • Geigerrig 500 Ballistic Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig 500 Ballistic Pressurized Hydration Pack

    MATT in UT

    Best Hydration System Out There

    I bought this pack a few months ago and have loved it ever since. The bag itself is very well built. I wanted a bag that would be a good day use bag for riding and for hunting and this works great! I like that the system is pressurized. It makes it nice to share with other or clean things off. The bladder is the easiest to clean. Just undo the top latch, turn it inside out and throw it in the dishwasher! The Plug in Virus filter is one of the major reasons I bought it. I can go anywhere and have up to 100 filtered gallons of water. I would highly recommend this bag to anyone! Took this bag with me last weekend and did a Spartan Race with it. I put the bag through quite a bit. Was very happy to have it with me. The pressurized system allowed me to share water with others on the trail. The bag held up great and after I got it covered in mud (literally) I was able to wash it all out and the bag still looks brand new. The only thing I would do, it buy the larger bladder. That was a 12 mile race and I filled that bladder at least five times and went through all of it!! All the guts of the system come apart for easy cleaning. I would still definitely recommend this bag to anyone!!

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  • Geigerrig 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Geigerrig 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack

    Wade in WA

    Sweet pack

    Extremely tough pack . You wont break the water system . I have had mine for 3 years with out problem. And you never have to drink that warm water that camps out in the tube again. Lots of room for tools and anything else one might need for putting down all day rides. I will never go back to a traditional hydro pack again.

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